The Redeemed Man

Zapping the Microwave Mentality

November 16, 2023 Paul Amos Season 3 Episode 45
The Redeemed Man
Zapping the Microwave Mentality
Show Notes Transcript

Personal trainer Chad McManus may focus primarily on his clients’ physical fitness, but his own personal philosophy is that physical, mental, and spiritual health are all connected, which can make it hard to improve one part when the others are lacking. In this week’s podcast with Nate Dewberry, Chad talks about recovering from the pain of divorce, being a dad (and stepdad), and the dangers of the “what now?” factor, that inner voice that can cause us to grow complacent once we’ve achieved major goals. He also shares his own tips for getting (and staying) physically fit—which includes spending time around the right kind of people.

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0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

2:50—Chad’s story

8:19—Chad’s family and what it’s like being a stepdad

10:48—Chad’s career and the pitfalls of the fitness world

18:51—Safeguarding your mental health and dealing with anxiety

21:44—How relationships affect both mental and physical health

25:54—The “what now” factor: what do you do once you’ve achieved your goal?