The Redeemed Man

Live Your Eulogy Every Day

October 19, 2023 Season 3 Episode 42
The Redeemed Man
Live Your Eulogy Every Day
Show Notes Transcript

Greg Countryman didn’t make it from special-ed student to quadruple-degreed college graduate, professor, and now sheriff of Muscogee County, Georgia, without gaining some important insights along the way. This week the three-decade law enforcement veteran talks with Paul Amos about his personal journey, the challenges one faces as a high-profile public servant, and the hallmarks of good leadership. One key is knowing when to be willing to compromise, but there are some things, he says, that you should never compromise on—first and foremost, putting the Lord first and striving to do things “God’s way, not your way.”

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0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

2:34—Greg’s background and personal journey

7:16—The beliefs that guide Greg’s life

15:14—Greg’s thoughts on leadership and building relationships

24:36—Leadership as a public figure—trying to make a positive impact on the community

27:48—Redemption and giving up control to God

30:56—Greg’s lessons for leaders/What he wants his legacy to be