The Redeemed Man

A Purpose Greater Than Profit

April 13, 2023 Paul Amos Season 3 Episode 15
The Redeemed Man
A Purpose Greater Than Profit
Show Notes Transcript

Nearly 20 years ago, Simon Lee started having a recurring dream of a flashing neon sign. After months of prayer and consulting with people he knew, Simon decided he’d figured out what the dream meant: Instead of inheriting his father’s business, he should forge out on a venture of his own—and give away 50% of the profits. What sounded crazy at first has turned out to be true inspiration, as his company, Buy On Purpose (formerly EIS Office Solutions), has achieved tremendous success without compromising on its Christian values. In this podcast, Simon talks about how he built the business, being open about faith in the workplace, and keeping one’s life focused on what truly matters.

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The Redeemed is an organization giving men from all backgrounds a supportive, judgment-free environment, grounded in Christian love without demanding participation in any faith tradition, where they can open up about their challenges, worries, and failures—and celebrate their triumphs over those struggles.

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0:00—Intro/”lightning round”/what does redemption mean to you?

2:05—Simon’s faith journey

5:41—how (and why) Simon started his company, and what makes it different

15:35—being open about faith in business

24:00—how mission trips influenced his life

27:56—What brings you joy? How do you decide where to give? Who is your role model?

35:28—plans for the transition back to Taiwan

38:51—balancing business success with responsibilities as a husband and father

41:56—advice on staying faithful in the workplace