The Redeemed Man

Chinook Down: Trusting in God After a Life-Changing Ordeal

March 30, 2023 Paul Amos Season 3 Episode 13
The Redeemed Man
Chinook Down: Trusting in God After a Life-Changing Ordeal
Show Notes Transcript

Few people have had their faith tested quite like Brad Palm has. A helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, Palm was dropping off some special forces on a mission in eastern Afghanistan when the rotors on his damaged MH-47 Chinook failed, resulting in a crash that killed one of his close friends. Seriously injured, blind in one eye, and facing the prospect of never flying again, Palm “wrestled” with discouragement and the thorny question of whether he could still trust in God, but found his faith and purpose renewed after “preaching the gospel to [him]self” and receiving the support and encouragement of his faith community. His story is sure to resonate with military members and anyone struggling with matters of faith.

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0:00—Intro/what does redemption mean to you?

3:35—Brad’s life, his military experience, and how he rediscovered God

11:34—the helicopter crash

19:23—injuries, rescue, and aftermath

27:28—the road to recovery—questioning God, finding strength in community

38:21—“wrestling with God” again after his wife’s cancer diagnosis

42:52—back in the military and flying again, against all odds

47:30—closing thoughts/”lightning round”