The Redeemed Man

Pain Rarely Stays Hidden

March 16, 2023 Season 3 Episode 11
The Redeemed Man
Pain Rarely Stays Hidden
Show Notes Transcript

So often we think we’re doing the “noble thing” by keeping our pain and brokenness hidden; Matt Bostic knows all too well that this isn’t the case. In this podcast, Bostic tells the story of how he bounced from ministry to ministry in the wake of his mother’s death, eventually developing a drinking problem that took him to some of the lowest depths of his life. In the process of recovery, he learned that he didn’t have to take on all his problems and responsibilities alone—trusting other people, and God, helped him find the direction and purpose he was desperately seeking. Today, as the program director for Life House University, a ministry helping those who have recently got out of jail or rehab get a fresh start, Bostic says he’s found that not going alone is the best way to help yourself—as well as others in need. 

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0:00—Intro/what does redemption mean to you?

2:14—Matt’s story, part I: hiding the pain and brokenness he felt from losing his mom

8:41—Matt’s story, part II: Matt’s drinking problem and eventually hit rock bottom

21:45—Matt’s story, part III: how Matt recovered and began helping others

25:36—Matt’s story part IV: a tragedy leads Matt to Life House

32:30—How we can help each other deal with grief and keep those wounds from festering

41:48—About Life House, the ministry, and how people can support it

49:52—“Lightning round”/outro