The Redeemed Man

Giving Grace to Everyone—Including Yourself

March 09, 2023 Paul Amos Season 3 Episode 10
The Redeemed Man
Giving Grace to Everyone—Including Yourself
Show Notes Transcript

Jason McKenzie’s seemingly perfect life—his own business, an active lifestyle, a loving marriage—was devastated in an instant when his wife Natalie committed suicide in 2011. Though he kept his pain inside for years, he eventually realized just how desperately his experience, wisdom, and compassion were needed at a time when the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic was driving suicide rates sky-high. In this conversation with Paul Amos, Jason touches on grief, patience, and staying faithful through dark times. He also offers powerful advice, learned through experience, for those who have contemplated suicide themselves: Never lose sight of the bigger picture, and always be willing to offer forgiveness—not only to others, but to yourself.

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The Redeemed is an organization giving men from all backgrounds a supportive, judgment-free environment, grounded in Christian love without demanding participation in any faith tradition, where they can open up about their challenges, worries, and failures—and celebrate their triumphs over those struggles.

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0:00—Intro/what does redemption mean to you?

1:33—Jason’s philosophy on life and turning pain into something positive

3:02—The story of Natalie and her death

12:28—Dealing with the feelings that arise from grief—especially anger at God

17:39—How Jason started using his grief to help others

26:53—The role of God and giving grace to others

31:12—The virtues and rewards of patience

34:46—Being willing to love again

38:51—How adventure and physical fitness has driven Jason’s life

42:49—Advice for those contemplating suicide

45:44—The “Love Like Lexie” organization