The Redeemed Man

Healthy Communication in Marriage

February 16, 2023 Season 3 Episode 7
The Redeemed Man
Healthy Communication in Marriage
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Great communicators aren’t born, they’re made—and that goes double for people in relationships, who have to commit to learning more every day about their partners and how best to speak, listen, and relate to them. 

In this podcast, Jon and Teresa “Tree” Demeter cover a wide range of topics including being a more active listener, shutting out distractions, and what it’s been like sharing those lessons with couples in their “Weekend to Remember” marriage retreats. They even offer tips on being “good at fighting”—listening for understanding rather than ammunition, and turning arguments into opportunities for growth and problem-solving, rather than just venting frustration and being “right.”

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00:00-00:28 —Guest Introduction
00:28-02:04 —What does restoration mean to you?

02:04-07:46 —About Jon and Teresa Demeter about how they met

07:46-14:06 —How Jon and Tree got started working with couples and what that’s been like

14:06-21:32 —“Weekend to Remember”: How they got connected and what it’s all about

21:32-38:02 —All about communication: Listening, expressing, and arguing constructively

38:02-43:22 —How to tell your partner what you’re feeling

43:22-46:01 —Making each other laugh

46:01-52:08—“Lightning round” - learn more about our guests favorites

52:08— Thank you and reminders